Above & Beyond with GAFE
Sunday, August 28, 2016 at 05:47PM
Elizabeth Eastman
Kicking the 2016-17 year with an overview for integration of Google Apps for EDU as part of Houston ISD pilot program has been a long time coming! Taking teachers through a digital quickwrite in GoogleDocs from planning to publishing was a way to place emphasis on immense power of Google Apps for communication and collaboration. A shorter Hyperdoc made it easier for teachers to experience the process of connected writing task by task. 

GAFE adds powerful new dimensions to writing learning experiences. Collaboration and online exchange of feedback about shared work can be a driver of quality improvements. Student voices are fueled and amplified by the power of digital communication and collaboration made possible by GAFE. Connecting writers expands audience and creates ownership and motivation for writing too!

The ability for students and teachers to comment in Slides, Docs  and Sheets is so useful to make specific feedback actionable at specific point of need. For students to be able to respond back to comments is great for discussion and clarification purposes too.
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