2015 National Student Privacy Symposium
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 06:46PM
Elizabeth Eastman

The panelists and attendees of the 2015 National Student Privacy Symposium sponsored by the Data Quality Campaign were diverse -- policy-makers, tech. industry representatives, researchers, parents and educators. Wide-ranging disussion and exchange of ideas and perspectives about critical concerns around uses of student data, privacy and security was both informative and raised complex questions for us to grapple with. Long-term concerns about data accumulation are growing. Digital or Data Literacy? We don’t know ourselves how our data is used, sold or combined. So how can we effectively inform our students’ decision-making? For students? Cultivate understanding about how data accumulates over time. Make sure to build students' awareness of the need to think critically about information shared and who it is shared with!

Here also are few Waterlogued photos from a long walk around the beautiful Washington Mall and my sincere appreciation goes to sponsors for providing my travel scholarship to Washington D.C.

Some Key Discussion Points....

   Kati Haycock: President of Education Trust

The Potential Risks of Student Data Collection and Use

National Student Privacy Parent Survey:  Survey Release and Discussion


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