Literacy Learning Apps for Pre-kindergarten through 2nd Grade
Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 05:28PM
Elizabeth Eastman
Here are some of the Literacy Apps for Pre-K through 2nd grade students are using on iPod touch devices to develop vocabulary, phonemic awareness, vowel/consonant phonetic blending and segmentation, writing, spelling, and fluency. See slides below for a description of features of just a few introductory apps.  

Many of these allow for customization & differentiation. New vocabulary and spelling words can be added in the form of text and images in the 'Little Speller' app for example, and students can track their progress as they work through pre-primer-3rd grade level lists in the sight word apps. K12 fluency allows kids to time & track their reading fluency using varied pieces of text & increasing levels of challenge and difficulty.   

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