Adaptive Learning: K-2 DreamBox Math
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 08:23PM
Elizabeth Eastman

Students have begun to use DreamBox Math, an adaptive online learning environment with the intent of deepening understanding of computation, conceptual understanding and problem-solving in K-2. With an initial assessment and ongoing placement lessons throughout, students can work in their 'optimal learning zone.' Learning experiences target what students are ready to tackle and move ahead at a personalized rate of acceleration. The lesson sequence and pacing will adjust in real-time based on right or wrong clicks as well as strategies each learner uses. Feedback is immediate and the number and type of hints provided also becomes individualized. In addition, teachers have access to virtual manipulatives to support student's development of mathematical thinking and receive real-time assessment data to inform instruction. There is a parent dashboard too for family involvement at home.

See features of DreamBox Math in this brief clip:

Introduction to DreamBox Learning  from DreamBox Learning on Vimeo.

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