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Storybird Imaginings


Playing around with Storybird among other ideas for Digital Icebreakers to kick off 2 days of upcoming technology PD,  I found this little picture book I wrote a few months ago.  I was impressed over the last year with how this platform fueled engagement and development of enthusiastic readers, writers and digital citizens.

Storybird reverses visual storytelling by starting with images and "unlocking" the story inside. Students can create unlimited art-inspired picture books, longform stories, and poetry. Student privacy is protected. Social interactions are classroom-contained. I will definitely use it again with my classes this year.


Dreambox Learning: Personalized, Differentiated, Accelerated Math

Dreambox Learning gets better and better every year. There are 3 differentiated personalized learning environments now available for Mathematics -- one unique to K-2, then 3-5, and now 6-8. Spanish language was an added option last year and initial placement and assessment has also been refined. Having worked with K-2 students as they learn with this platform over the past 3 years, I’m looking forward to having our 3-5 students use the Intermediate environment this year for the first time. Dreambox uses an ‘Intelligent Adaptive Learningengine that personalizes and customizes the learning pathway for individual students to develop critical math concepts & skills they uniquely need. The motivational components in Dreambox also engage and accelerate students’ Math learning in ways that set it apart from the crowd. 

Dreambox Learning also continues to develop new resources to support effective classroom implementation. Here a few from Dreambox Learning & some I’ve created that I will be making use of in the upcoming year.

Dreambox Resources:

My Training Resources:


Thinglink Summer Challenge 2015

Here is ThingLink Summer Challenge #3 to create a collaborative project:

 [My Collaborative Notes page and Blog Rubric are not loading through ThingLink even though I published them as webpages so I am linking them here too].


Here is my Digital Self for week #1 of the ThinkLink Summer Challenge 2015!

[I used Thinklink, Canva, & Manga Avatar Maker in combination to create it]. 


iPadpalooza 2015

IPadpalooza was one of THE most fun & rich learning experiences I have had at an Ed-Tech conference. Though it was the first time I attended, it will definitely not be my last!

Here are visual reflections on my first iPadpalooza experience [created with Canva, Thinglink & WordFoto


Connected Writing


Voices of student writers are fueled and amplified by the power of digital communication and collaboration. Students can use stages of writing process and a range of digital platforms to build a connected writing community--moving beyond passive consumption to creating and sharing digital content themselves. I shared projects with 3 of my favorite flexible safe writing platforms for young writers at the Houston ISD Summer Hub Camp -- Kidblog, Storybird, and Biteslide.

Rocket Fueled Writing Slides - HISD HUB Camp
RFW Resource Flyer